This year will be my 15th High School Reunion. I am shocked at how fast my life has flown by. Each year seems to spin faster and faster. Watching as my kids grow up and make the same mistakes…as well as some new ones…has me constantly turning down memory lane. I have quite a few friends whose kids are graduating this year. And as always, the thought of graduation has us talking about what “big gift” they are going to get their graduating senior.

The year I graduated I got…gulp…showing my age here…a Sony CD Walkman. LOL. It was all the rage and I was THRILLED to get one. I loved my walkman. Someday remind me to tell you guys how this special graduation gift led me to my husband. 😀

So for this week, I figured since most EVERYONE knows someone who is graduating, why not have a 13 Must Have Graduation Gifts. And these are in no particular order as what one graduate may consider their must have some other senior may consider to be useless to them. So…these are all the gifts I would have considered to be so AWESOME! LOL.

1)      A Car

2)      MP3 Player

3)      Cell Phone.

4)      Travel tickets.

5)      New Clothes.

6)      Books…and I don’t mean Textbooks!

7)      Money.

8)      Furniture.

9)      Laptop

10)   Gift Certificates

11)   Dishes

12)   Camera

13)   Time with the family.

Well, that is my list. I know the last one doesn’t have a monetary cost but I would give anything to have more time with my family before I went to college. It goes by so fast. As for traveling, I took a train out to my sister’s. I would highly recommend that everyone should take a train ride that is longer than a day at least once in their life. There were so many interesting people. I met one lady who was from England. She was on her way to meet her best friend who lived in Australia. They had never met. They have been pen pals for 25 years. How awesome, right? So…do you have something different you would like to add? Maybe you got an awesome gift. Maybe you didn’t but wish you could have. Tell me! I want to know.

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