It is ironic really. My topic this week is 13 Ways to get in the Mood for spring. Then yesterday we had a HUGE blizzard.

Even though this doesn’t look like spring I am more determined than ever to get in the mood! So without further ado, here is my list!

1)      Spring cleaning! I don’t like to clean but man oh man there is something about opening up the windows, blasting the radio and cleaning.

2)      Packing up warm clothes. You go through your closet. You pack up the winter accessories such as coats, hats, boots, mittens, etc.

3)      Unpacking the cooler clothes. You find your spring coat, your raincoat, and your capris.

4)      Washing the car. All winter your poor vehicle has been ravaged by salt, dirt, and who knows what else. While you may have washed it through the automatic car wash, you are ready now to buff and shine it the good old fashion way.

5)      Buy new fingernail polish. You want to buy some new polish so when you wear sandals you can show off your pretty feet.

6)      New shoes! Who doesn’t like to pamper themselves with new stuff? And I LOVE new shoes! I am a shoe-aholic.

7)      New hairdo. So you have gotten new shoes. New fingernail polish. Even cleaning items that really needed it. Now it is time to get a haircut and maybe your hair dyed or tinted.

8)      New clothes! Hello!!!! The best place to go is resale shops. You can find things that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

9)      While it is usually closer to the end of May, another great thing is going to garage sales. Once in a while you will find a sale that starts before the ever popular Memorial date.

10)   Raking the yard. You need to clean up the nasty items that have been covered in snow. Whether it is animal droppings, old leaves, or garbage that has blown around from the fall wind.

11)   Laundry. There is nothing like the smell of fresh laundry hanging on the line. Don’t you just love that smell?

12)   You have raked the yard. Now it is time to mow the yard. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. Who doesn’t?

13)   Sun Tea. I love Iced Tea and when you put it in a jar and let it set out in the sun it just seems better than boiling the water. I love it!

So what about you? Is there any specific way you get ready for spring? Let me know! Leave a comment.

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