Hi from a hooky-playing Tara Lain! I used to see a movie a week before i was a writer. In fact i had a movie review blog. Not i use my weekends to write

books which i love. But occasionally … well, i had to go see Edward. Sigh.Sorry. Very imappropriate for a grown woman, but he is one adorable vampire. 

Actually i enjoyed the books a lot, and if you read the books you know that Breaking Dawn is really two stories. So they did a good job with the idea of splitting it into two movies. This movie, of course, starts with the wedding, the honeymoon and all that ensues before the giant fights at the end which will be the next film. Even with two films to tell the story, it still doesn't have the sense of time that the book does. Everything is more compacted. I don't want to include spoilers but i will say that the special effects on Kristen Strewart's body are pretty amazing. 

Certainly no one is going to critique any of the Twilight series based on the acting. The scripts don't require incredible range and the young actors have generally been up to the angsty teenage passion that the films have needed. Pattinson certainly has some acting chops. In this film, however, i must confess that Taylor Lautner's woodenness was a bit intrusive at times. (Don't hate me, Team Jacob). Still, i loved the whole thing to pieces and will see it again at least on TV. The last film should be incredible! 

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