Summer officially begins today! Break out the shorts and tank tops-it’s camping,fishing,boating,hiking,beach,vacation time! This time of year is great and the books are too! Nothing is better then relaxing with a book, well maybe a book and a nice glass of wine. So let’s hear it what are the plans for this summer? What books are must have’s? Here is my list

Finger Licking 15 by Janet Evanovich ( I swear I’m going to turn into Grandma Mazur)  (June)

Desire Unntamed by Pamela Palmer (June)

Prey by Rachel Vincent (July)

Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon (August)

Darkness Within by Kinley Mcgregor (August)

I’m sure I will stumble upon a hundred more during the summer but hey this is a good start. Have a great and relaxing day. Also if you know of any father’s out there, Wish them a Happy Father’s day today.

P.S. True Blood is on tonight.

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