Hi Bonnie, and thanks for the warm welcome. As for the nun part–let’s just say I got over it pretty darn quick. 😀 So many cute boys, so little time!  But I will talk some this week about how my inner nun and my inner romance diva got on the same page, so to speak.

I’ll have two releases out in the next few days. The first, Wicked Temptation, is the first in Red Sage Publishing’s first author developed series, Three Kinds of Wicked. We’re very fortunate that we have our own website for the series, http://www.threekindsofwicked.com   Also be sure to check out our steamy trailer done by Rae Monet at http://www.threekindsofwicked.com/trailer

I’ve had tons of fun in creating all of my stories, but I feel that I reached a new intensity of emotion between my hero (es) and heroine with Wicked Temptation, so I’m hoping my readers agree.  My editor says parts actually brought tears to her eyes!

Later this month, my very first mermaid novella, which was my first romance sale ever, will debut in Secrets, Vol. 27, Untamed Pleasures, also from Red Sage Publishing. Detecting a trend here? I love writing for Red Sage, they are author friendly and entertain my most insane ideas–such as the Three Kinds of Wicked series, which was one of my dastardly dream children.

But, believe it or not, writing isn’t my first passion. Building a better world for persons with autism is. I’ll talk more about that later–I’m off to take one of my kids to the doctor. I’ll be checking back in after lunch time.

Until then, a question for your readers. How has the economic meltdown changed your reading and book buying habits? I really do want to know!

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