Yep, I agree about the too-long love scenes. You have to be pretty darned creative to get love scenes sprawled over a dozen pages. We were talking about this on a loop the other day, and it really got funny. I can’t repeat what one clever woman said, but I can tell you she described one action and repeated and repeated and repeated it for at least twentyfive times. You know, when you laugh so hard you could write it as BWAHAHAHAH! Well, that was me. I’m so glad Gil was out in the yard, else he’d of thought I’d lost my mind.

Speaking of sex scenes-or even sexual tension scenes… Did you ever notice the vocabulary? Writing in early medieval (eleventh and twelfth century) times, you can’t call a certain body part what it is today. Nope. No such words were out there at the time. So, you use tarse, shaft, rod, pintle, manhood or manroot (yuck-makes me think of dirt all over it).

Doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? 

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