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August 10, 2009-Coffee Time Romance
Day seven of the blog tour


I hung out a couple of days at Mechele Armstrong’s Internet digs over the weekend and met some great folks.  Hi everyone, I’m Amanda McIntyre and you have just stumbled upon my “25 Blogs in 25 Days tour” I’m crusin’ the internet highway promoting my new erotic Dark Ages medieval, TORTURED, from Harlequin Spice! (gorgeous cover, right?;)
In a time of chaos, darkness, and violence it is better to live only in the moment, lest your memories eat you alive.

A young woman blessed with “sight seeks vengeance against a tyrannical lord responsible for her mother’s murder. Forced to become an executioner’s apprentice, she encounters a Roman prisoner who offers her a away to escape her prison and find a future. Torn between desire, duty, and the chance for revenge, her choice to live or die leaves her TORTURED.
Circle of Seven booktrailer: http://www.amandamcintyre.net/tortured.html#trailer

I recently returned from a real life “Americana” tour of parts of the east part of the country. I am a road trip junkie! I love to travel the highways and let me tell you the stated of New York heading down into Pennsylvania is really picturesque!

After spending the day in Cooperstown at the Baseball Hall of Fame (gorgeous little community, btw) we headed to our next stop-one that we’d all been looking forward to. Philadelphia , PA. Now, a bit of background: my family and I are avid “1776” the Musical fans—so you can easily see where I am heading with this! It is quite one thing to read about or watch the stories surrounding the birth of our nation-quite another to be standing in the very spot that it happened.

 I have a belief, which you may or may not share that people leave a part of themselves wherever they go. I call it “aura” others label it differently. Whatever you want to call it, you cannot escape the lingering essence left in Independence Hall, or take a carriage tour through Society Hill and see where Dolly Madison lived, the room where they sequestered Jefferson so he could draft the Declaration, or the home of Edgar Allen Poe.

It was amazing to see the polished silver inkwell that was used by these early Patriots to sign this declaration and equally amazing to hear the lesser know story that they had to give time to these members to leave town BEFORE they read the declaration in public, so they wouldn’t be arrested! The historical area-Christ Church cemetery with the grave of Ben Franklin, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell are all within walking distance of each other and a slice of Americana that if you have the chance to see-you must!

 Philly also has to its fame, the original Philly Steak sandwich. Ask any Philly native and they will tell you their fav version, but most agree that the secret is the difference of the cheese and most rate the cheese whiz as the best. We tried the eatery suggested my our carriage tour driver and we not disappointed! Serious yum!
The next day we did the Franklin Institute—an amazing place and got pictures of the life size statute of Rocky Balboa in front of the Philly library where the famous scene at the top of the steps was shot. Tired, but filled with memories to last a lifetime, we ordered in pizzeria style Pizza and watched a movie that night at our hotel. A perfect end to a perfect couple of days in Philly.

In TORTURED, Sierra has to make the choice to remain in her life, or choose to start a new one. She has known little else her entire life and yet by the encouragement and trust of one person-she is able to take that first step to freedom.

While visiting the Liberty Bell, the hallway leading to the bell, shows a pictorial history of notable figures and events depicting the liberties we enjoy. One area in particular had a large TV screen broadcasting the original recording of Martin Luther King, Jr. reading his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. As I stopped to listen, I noticed how many others had stopped too, mesmerized by a speech that has been broadcast thousands of times through the years and yet still captivates us,—motivates us, to be better people to each other.

What or who has motivated you in your life? Was it a teacher, a parent? Maybe someone in history or an event? Leave your comment to enter a chance to win a copy of TORTURED. Winner will be announced here late Monday night.

 I give credit to my art teacher for nurturing the seeds of creativity inside of me—she came to my first book signing, in the midst of a driving Iowa snowstorm and she lived thirty miles away in the country! So many things that she taught me about art, I have applied to my writing, and I have passed those on to my children.

Speaking of…I need to get in some writing today! I’ll be checking in later!

I invite you to visit my website for an excerpt of TORTURED and a peek at my gorgeous new cover for my next work! Be sure to sign in for my monthly newsletter and your chance to win a gift card from Barnes and Noble!

May the wind be at your back~

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