Thank you, Bonnie for having me. I am very excited to blog about my first historical erotic romance. I must warn the readers that my book has a high heat rating. So I will be talking a lot about sex. ;0)

THE LAST CELTIC WITCH is the first book in the Celtic series. There will be four books in total. The series follows the life of a Celtic witch who is the last of her generation and a highland chieftain who must resist his love for her or have his clan slaughtered by an evil sorceress.

I loved writing this historical because it was the first time I allowed myself to break the rules when it comes to sex scenes. I figured I would write what comes naturally to me and be organic with my character’s desires. This allowed them to take over the page with whatever passions come to mind, whether it be taboo in society or not. And it seemed to work. I have had so many comments about my scenes and how hot they are that I had to warn my critique partners about them. One of my friends read a scene in front of me at a restaurant and her face went completely white. LOL. It was so funny. She wasn’t expecting it to be so graphic.

My reputation has proceded me in many circles that I have complete strangers telling me they heard about my erotic tales and are dying to read them. LOL. And this is before my book is even released.

Helen Rosburg from Medallion Press has read THE LAST CELTIC WITCH. She was on an editor/author’s panel recently and told the room full of people that my book was the first erotic she read and enjoyed. She stated, “After reading Lyn Armstrong’s, THE LAST CELTIC WITCH, I finally get why people love erotic romance.” I was so pleased she gave me such a wonderful compliment. I swear I was smiling all day long.

My editor, Jessica Berry at Resplendence Publishing says my book is not the usual erotic romance where people have sex just for the sake of it. All my hot scenes are character based and move the story forward. There is a reason for every sexual encounter. 

By doing this, I have converted many romance readers to my erotic genre.

Heather Graham, NY Times bestselling author quoted, “As charming and magical as Celtic legend itself, a truly enjoyable read and wonderful debut!” 

I am so proud of this book and being that it is my first one published, makes everyone’s compliments even sweeter. Okay, no more Sally Field’s moments…”You love me, you really love me”   

Thanks again to Coffee Time Romance and Bonnie for allowing me to blog about my first baby.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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