Hello and happy December from Totally Bound!

We have been very busy this year and we are even more excited about what is to come in 2015!

Here we have a selection of spicy Christmas reads to heat up your winter! These are three very different books, all sure to entertain you. At Totally Bound we can accommodate any pairing you wish to read, so have a look at these today!


Santa Baby by Lexie Davis:santababy_800

Santa left Lani a gift this Christmas in the form of a tall, dark and naughty man who makes the holiday one she’ll never forget.

Lani Mitchell is used to being alone on Christmas. With no family and few friends, she usually spends most holidays working, just to pass the time. When her company, Mitchell Cosmetics, adopts the local orphanage as their annual Christmas charity, she realises they need someone to dress as Santa to deliver the children’s gifts. And Luke is her first choice.

Luke McGraw has been in love with Lani since she first hired him, four years ago, and with a little persuasion on her part, he consents to dress the part of Santa. He’s determined to win his boss over, but because of the circumstances, he’s had to keep his hands to himself…until now. He plans to give Lani a Christmas she’ll never forget, starting with him dressed as Santa and ending with a wild night of passion, with her in his bed.

Whoever said a little role-playing couldn’t be fun?


Star by Jan Irving:star_800

When an angel takes over his boss’s body after a freak accident, Matthew’s cracked heart opens, but will he lose his once in a lifetime chance at love before the holidays are over?
Matthew Cromby figures it will be just another lousy holiday to get through, especially when mouthing off costs him his job. The bitter ex-con never counts on lightning striking his former boss Star Hollister during a freak LA storm that forces an angel to take over Star’s body.
Lost and vulnerable, Star relies on Matthew’s street smarts to keep him safe. Moreover, since he’s been watching over Matthew all his life, he yearns to heal him. But Star can’t stay in a human body without diminishing himself so unless they find a miracle they will be parted forever.
Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.


wishfulfilled_800Wish Fulfilled by Jennah Sharpe:

With another man in the mix, what will it mean to never again have a normal marriage?

Greg and Sarah Perry have a solid marriage. They’re the envy of their friends. When Greg, a lawyer by day, suggests adding other partners to the mix, Sarah, a conservative teacher, is reluctant. However, she does find the thought intriguing. While at her sister’s Christmas wedding reception in the ballroom of a hotel, she lets her intrigue take charge.

It leads her straight to Peter Lawson, a sensual man well versed in the ménage lifestyle. Can she reconcile her feelings for Peter with her relationship to Greg? And what will it do to her marriage?




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Merry Christmas to you and yours. Love from the Totally Bound Team. xx


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