Slide over a grav seat and pull yourself a drink from the synthesizer, they tell me we’re going to be caught in this gravitational sink hole for three days, no less. Not that I mind too much but having your body pulled from horizon to horizon is stretching things a bit. And it’s things like that which, of course, make or break your day.

Let’s face it who wants to eat supper after you’ve been crushed to the size of a pin head, spun round, tossed about and then spat out the other side of a white hole. Well, aside from me, of course. (I never turn down a good meal, especially if someone else is paying for the synth.)

So, by this time you’ve probably caught the idea that I write Science Fiction, affectionally dubbed SF, sci-fi, and other more obscure names by the geeky readers like me. Moreover I write erotic romance SF. Which has to be a quantum level better, right?

So far, in my PIACT universe, (of which I have many, many novels planned,) you’ll find the universe is populated by humans. I haven’t yet introduced the multi-limbed, extra headed and overly sized whatsit’s aliens to the universe–at least not yet. They are sneaking in slowly, starting with my current WIP, the third in the PIACT undercover agent series, but they are more like a shadowy legend for now rather than in-your-face aliens. I’m a firm believer that all good thing come slowly, whether it’s love, romance, sex scenes or aliens. I like to bring readers into my worlds with a mix of familar and drop-dead different. This means you’ll be seeing hints and suggestions of alien races but no full blown human/otherly life romance. At least for a few books.

I like my books to be filled from cover to cover. The PIACT series is an adventure romance series. The heros and heroines are constantly fighting the vagracies of space, and each other, while building worlds for themselves and their friends and family. Most of the time they don’t even want to fall in love, but love refuses to be beaten.

Anyhow, try some of those crusty fried octopedlian eyes while I take a break. Some folks tell me they’re the best known natural aphrodisiac this side of the galatic rim. And while you’re at it catch a wee glimpse of the galatic newsvid… they’ve started showing a wee little movie of mine.

I hope that there link comes through.

So tell me folks. What’s your favorite type of SF? Anything particular you’d love to read but no one writes? How do you like your romance in SF?  Curious minds would love to know. 



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