People always wonder how reviewers rate their reviews. I am going to tell you how I review the books I read.


5 cup- I try to keep them pretty rare. FOr me, the book really has to stand out and grab my attention. There cannot be any mistakes unless it is an ARC or maybe a historical/fantasy where things are going to be not true to history.  Also the characters have to be believable.

4 cup- These have to grab my attention as well. I usually really like the book but then there is an error somewhere in the book that drove me up the wall. Or the book was really good and I liked it just could not see giving it a 5.

It comes to how the book grabs me, how well it is written and if I feel I can contact to the characters. Setting does not matter to me nor what genre it is. I have to read all different types and if it is new to me, I look at the whole book once I am done. I may not like part of the book but the ending is just terrific so that may bump it up a little from a 3 to a 4. If I do not understand the characters of the book nor what is going on, that will definitely lower it. I want to make sure I represent the book as best as I can coming to it not knowing much at all. I don’t like to spoil the book for anyone else, so what you may consider an important part of the book, I may not mention it. I want there to be some kind of a surprise for the reader. I also do not like giving a bad review. I know authors put their heart and soul into their books so I look at what is good in the book and focus on that but still briefly mention that something was off in the book and what it turned out to be. I just make sure to stay pleasant about it. I know I might be in the same boat some day and the last thing I want to do is upset someone where it might come back to me. 🙂 Keep in mind, I work really diligently on my reviews and take my time.

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