Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for having me this week. I apologize for being so late but there was an emergency babysitting need and I’m always available.

 So you really want to know something about me? Hmm, no more of that crap about being a size three because we all know that just can’t be, at least not the way I eat mayonaisse! I love to cook and write. They are the two things in this world that make me the happiest.

I’ve been writing since before bound books, but never had the thought of writing a novel. No one was more shocked then me when Triskelion Publishing bought TEDDI TURNS ON and wanted the other three books in the series. Did I also mention I’m older than dirt? So you can imagine my shock at receiving a contract.

Cooking evolved after my uncle started teaching me at the ripe old age of five. Since then I’ve grown, yeah and in cooking too! Now I love to prepare meals from scratch and only use my micro wave to do popcorn.

I’ve been divorced, wodowed, and dumb enough to have been taken for way more money than should be leagal. Now I have a great guy who supports my decisions and wants nothing in return I’m not happy to give. Studs is the best!

 I’m yours for the week, Mistress Bonnie, please have your way with me.


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