Lady, you are too funny. With your humor you should try your hand at writing a novel.

Now to answer your question; Teddi Turns On takes place in Munich, Germany. Teddi Howard is a widow who wants to start again but hasn’t got the guts. She goes to Germany on a business trip and meets David Stiefel, a German man to the core. He’s a little over-bearing at times, but my German readers tell me I’ve pegged him accuratly. Teddi is not one to be dominated and shows David that you can’t rule a modern woman. He loves sex and she would love to live out her fantasies. With his help, she does. As you must have gathered, I write erotica so the sex scenes are explicit in language and action.

As for inspiration, I’m not really sure. I love visiting Europe and Munich is one of my favorite cities. Three years ago I was there and all these pictures flooded my brain so I started writing down the scenes. When I got home I filled in the dialogue. So I’m guessing the great beer in the Hofbrauhaus had something to do with it. LOL.

 Actually, I’m a big people watcher. I can sit in a restaurant, bar, or anywhere with a chair and as the people go about their business my mind is catching tidbits and creating scenes for a book. I’ve found that European establishmnets will let you sit for hours and the servers don’t seem to mind. Because of their not pushy attitude all four books were sketched out in a short period of time. So life is good.


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