We had a stormy night last night here in Minnesota. High winds and, I swear, constant flashes of lightning. Had me up watching the weather well into the night. Once it was over and everyone was tucked into their own beds, I found water in the basement. The rain fell so much and so quickly the poor sump pump couldn’t keep up. I had to do some rearranging. It wasn’t much but just enough to be a nuisance. 

Enough about that…

So, Bonnie, you had some great questions. I’ll tackle the first and come back later for the rest. 

First, it’s not hard for me to write my books about ghosts. When I write my stories, it’s purely from my imagination. I like to think of it as that piece of childhood that I still hold onto. And in actuality, I have a hard time keeping ghosts out of my story. 

That isn’t to say that my stories aren’t based in a belief in them. One of things I’ve found when I tell people about my stories is how many people have had an experience or know someone who has. 

More close to home, however, is my mother. For years, she’s had experiences sensing or feeling things but never developed the ability. However, it’s something she’s working to learn more about. 

One of the things about my mother is that a caul (or face veil) was removed from her at birth. And true to the folklore about it, she often knows things about a person before they announce it - such as which couple is about to marry or just pregnant with a child. I grew up experiencing this with her and just accepted such things as a fact of life.

I just believe there’s a whole world of possibilities out there. You just never know what you might learn or see.

Time to run for a bit, but I’ll be back later to talk about the romance in my stories. 


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