I would love to say that my life is glamorous and I retreat to my writing cave each day weaving stories in a calm and uninterrupted manner.

Yeah, right! Here is the real deal based on a Tuesday I had the other day…

Up at 5.30am, brew a pot of tea, and check emails. Switch on the brain and do an hour of my non-writing job. Come downstairs and greet DH and DS1 at the breakfast table. Make lunches and supervise piano practice. Shoo people out the door, have a shower and then greet DS2 who staggers out of bed looking bleary-eyed. Can it be morning already? I eat breakfast with him, supervise piano practice and walk him to school. Come home, put on a load of washing, dump breakfast dishes into the dishwasher, turn on the answering machine and head upstairs to the office. Check emails, which I really shouldn’t, and then start writing. Later, I take a stretch break, peg out the washing, and then finish off the other paid job before doing more writing.

Grab lunch on the fly and race to school to spend an hour in the classroom in celebration of education week. DS2 is in grade three and they are studying aboriginal culture. We have great fun decorating a giant kangaroo with dot paintings…parents love to be ‘allowed’ to cut and paste!  The bell rings at 3.30pm and it’s straight to the pool for a 4pm swimming lesson. Home at 5pm and I combine cooking dinner with hearing spelling and times tables. Tuesdays is a late night for DS1 and he arrives home at 5.45pm, muddy from soccer practice. He catches half an hour of homework before dinner. DH walks in at 6.30pm and we all sit down to dinner, catching sound bytes of everyone’s day. Then it’s DS2 into bed and reading stories and goodnight rituals. DS1 and DH are hopefully clearing the kitchen and discussing the intricacies of Pye. We tag team and DH does the goodnights to younger son. Now I collapse on the couch for half an hour (this doubles as time with DS1) watching “Myth busters.” What a boy show! Still he does enjoy the movie ‘Love Actually’ so I do have some hope for him J After TV half hour I head back upstairs to finish off the other paid job because the “Open afternoon” stole that hour. More emails and some promotional blogging and then it’s hot chocolate, talking to DH, crawling into bed and realizing that the washing never got brought in from the line! Oh well, will try and remember tomorrowJ. I attempt to read but never quite manage to get past four pages. 5.30am will come around again way too fast!   

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