Some people would say my day actually starts in the night as I am something of an extreme morning person. My daughter trained me to be an early riser by waking up at four AM every single morning for the first two years of her life. Lucky thing she’s so cute! When she finally started sleeping until seven, I found myself still bright eyed and bushy tailed before the crack of dawn and I decided to make good use of that valuable kid-free time by getting up to write. Even now that both my children are in school all day, I still get up at five. I love those quiet hours before the day begins, when anything seems possible.

So, as soon as the first strains of music emerge from my husband’s clock-radio, I creep downstairs, make myself a giant vat of mostly-decaf coffee, and launch myself into a fantasy world. Okay, I admit I check email first, while the coffee is dripping 😉 My daughter is still an early riser, so she usually interrupts me by about six-thirty, and I spend the next hour and a half getting the kids ready for school. Once they are on the bus, I generally go for a run. I live in a beautiful rural area so I enjoy watching sunlight peek through the leaves and seeing deer scurry out of my way while I unwind. Often solutions to tricky plot problems will pop into my mind while my brain soaks up oxygen from all that deep breathing. I find exercise leaves me relaxed and energized and ready to take on the day.

After breakfast and a shower, I sit back down at my laptop. I set myself pretty modest page goals, rather than trying to write flat out, as that makes me more creative. I allow myself breaks to check email, hang out at my favorite sites, which include eHarlequin and Romance Divas, and I’ll also pause to do some gardening, eat chocolate, and drink loads of cups of green tea. I do avoid time-suckers like going shopping, or purely social get-togethers, and I save those activities for after school and weekends.

Around three o’clock my writing day comes to a close when I head for the bus stop to pick up my kids. My brain is pretty fried by then anyway, since I’m naturally more alert and productive early in the day. I spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out with my son and daughter, then with my husband in the evenings. As you can imagine, I go to bed pretty early—always with a good book to read!

My first book, The Boss’s Demand comes out July 10th from Silhouette Desire, my second book, Seduced for the Inheritance comes out in October 2007 and my third, Black Sheep Billionaire (you know he’s bad!) comes out in January 2008. I consider myself incredibly lucky to spend my days doing what I love best, and I hope to continue writing passionate, steamy love stories for a long time to come. For more information about me or my books, please visit

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The Boss’s Demand


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