I write every day of the week, even when I am on holiday in Spain.  Sometimes I do just an hour, mainly when I am on holiday, but at other times I will put in a full day. Usually, it is when I am near to completing a book that I put in the extra hours, because I can feel the excitement of seeing a book come to its conclusion. And because I write for three publishers, I have to put a lot of hours in to keep up with my contracts!

I am up by about seven most mornings.  I have breakfast wearing a bathrobe, catching a bit of the news on TV before coming upstairs to run my bath.  I always open my email while the water is running, and when there is a heavy post from one of my groups I sometimes have to run to turn it off – usually too late! After the bath I take a walk to fetch the paper if it is an at-home day rather than a shopping day, and then I get to the computer.  I like to write between ten and twenty pages a day – up to about five thousand words on a good day.  If I do that I’m shattered when I’ve finished, because it takes so much out of me.

Some days I finish writing at lunchtime and then I like to sit in the sunroom, perhaps with a book or just talking to my husband.   If the weather is nice we often go for a walk together, especially when we are in Spain.  Over there I do a lot more walking, swimming and dining out on the sea front.  I love people watching!  I love the sea too, and we go quite often, perhaps once a week in summer.  When I’m in my study I can watch the squirrels jumping through the trees in the wood opposite my window.  It makes a break to watch them, and I feed them so they come often to our garden.

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