Having recently moved from Australia to Switzerland and homeschooling my son, life isn’t what you’d call easy or glamorous! My husband’s recently taken a position in Schaffhausen, and we live in a nearby village called Merishausen, which is a beautiful place – so beautiful – but German-speaking, so priority one now is intensive German lessons. Other than that, I usually do email or talk to my daughters via Instant Messenger (who, being grown up, chose to remain in Australia) while having morning coffee, and checking up with my critique partners. Then I drag my son from TV (he’s discovered how to turn some German TV into English) and do his work. I then try to write while he reads or does math. We then read some more of the classics together – currently Journey to the Centre of the Earth. There’s a free pool just down the road so we’re trying to get into a routine ofwalking and swimming for PE. Then he watches TV, draws or plays with Lego while I try to write some more – not an easy feat, meeting deadlines this way! But the village is beautiful and quiet, with cows right behind the house, with cow bells. We’re in a valley surrounded by low mountains, so it’s very inspiring to be here. Then I tidy up, cook dinner and spend the evening playing games with my husband and son on our balcony. I’m not sure how much of that conforms to anyone’s expectation of an author, but that’s my life, and I’m loving it!

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