A day in the life of Molly Evans varies from day to day.  There is no set pattern in this household except for when my son is in school.  He goes to year ’round school, so his breaks are different than at other schools, so we  have to accommodate that change every few months, but it’s not a big deal.

For the most part, life starts around 7 am.  I despise getting up early and I do not know how I survived for so many years as a nurse who had to actually be conscious and at work at 7 am!  Although I still work as a nurse, my schedule is also varied.  But I do try for a few minutes of writing in the early morning.

The feeding the various animals in my house comes first.  The two dogs are an Australian cattle dog and a blue heeler/black lab mix.  So they do like to follow me all over the house most of the day when I’m home.  They are also incredible mooches, always on the lookout for a stray biscuit.  I also have a cage of finches that require a little care and have just brought home a newly adopted brown throated conure, so I’m going to enjoy getting to know this little parrot. 

Once the husband is off to work and the kiddo off to school I usually swing by my local Starbuck’s for the requisite mocha (hot) in the cooler months and then a large frosty mocha frappuccino in the summer months.  For whatever reason, I’ve grown accustomed to and enjoy my three shots of espresso every morning.  Gets the brain moving in the right direction for me.

If I’m not off to work I do like to hang out at the coffee shop for a couple of hours or as long as I can get away with, to work on the current project.  I’m new to Harlequin Mills & Boon as a writer of medical romances and am on my third book for them.  So I’m still learning the routine that works best for me.  So far loading up on caffeine in the morning and hitting the writing has worked the best.  But I also work in very short spurts during the day, sometimes just a few minutes at a time, in between household chores that I always seem to  put off until the last minute. 

If I’m called to work for the hospice I work for, I could go just around the block or off to an Indian Reservation many miles away, the day and the patients are never the same.  I do enjoy the work, but all in all, I’d rather  just stay home in my jammies and write books!  For me, that’s the dream and I hope to be able to do that one day.

Another area I spend probably too much time is on crafts, but I try to work on scrapbooking and quilting and other little projects in between the book deadlines.  It’s good fun, my son enjoys playing crafts and we usually come up with some strange adaptation of what the instructions actually said to do.  Being creative is great.  By doing crafts I feel as if I have accomplished something artistic quickly.  When writing books, the end result often takes so long that  I don’t feel as if I’ve accomplished much.  When I look back from the end of the book to what I have actually accomplished, then I am amazed.

After work my son has been in baseball during the spring, so we had practices or games several evenings and/or Saturdays.  When approaching the deadline of my last book, I took my laptop to games and did some revising in between watching the game.  Made the deadline and got to see my kiddo play.

In the evenings I sometimes take the laptop to my bed and work a little after a soak in the tub.  My brain seems to work best in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings.  If the brain cells have been on overload all day, I usually try to read in the evenings while watching a favorite animal show.  The History Channel, Animal Planet and Sci-Fi are favorite channels as are all of the forensic shows.    My reading tastes vary widely.  Love romantic suspense, straight romance, paranormal.  But today I’m reading a non-fiction book on past life regression and it’s absolutely fascinating!

That’s the snapshot of a day in the life of Molly Evans.  Feel free to drop by my website and tell me about yours!

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