The nicest thing about the writing life is that there really isn’t any one "day in the life," at least not for me. Every day is different. When I started writing, I did try to create a sort of "workday" and "workweek" and that was okay for a while, but after about two years I found it was better to write when I felt the urge (which is a lot) and enjoy the fact that I more or less control my schedule. As long as the work gets done, it doesn’t really matter when. For a lot of folks this might be risky, if they procrasinate or don’t get their work done, but I find I actually write more if I go with the flow, and I haven’t missed a deadline yet. 🙂

So the beauty of the writing life is that I might not write at all some days if I don’t feel like it. I might work in my garden, work on my house, read, take care of mundane things that have to get done, go out with friends, or spend time with my family. I also work a freelance editing job for a technical trade magazine, and my flexible timeline allows me to be available when those demands arise.

Then there are the times, when revisions must be done now, or when the ideas and the characters are pushing me, and I will spend all day writing, sometimes writing evenings, weekends, or whenever the spark sets fire to my imagination.  When this happens, it’s like the idea won’t let go and I have to keep writing, nothing else matters. Sometimes I’ll even have more than one book going at a time, but if I am into it, they just fly. I’ve found this happens more often when I just let it happen, as opposed to forcing it. When I sit down and make myself write, try to force or construct ideas, what I come up with is almost never as good as when I have an idea emerge in my mind and I have to rush to the chair and sit down and write. When that happens, things come out quickly and in whole chunks, and those have inevitably been the stories that sell the fastest and the easiest for me.

So, a day in the life for me can vary a lot. In some way, everything I do revolves around writing because my best ideas usually come to me when I am working in my garden, sewing, cooking dinner, walking the dogs, or maybe even removing wallpaper from a wall. But the point of the writing life is that I get to enjoy both writing *and* life.

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