I have an incredibly glamorous life! Here’s my typical week day –

6:30 –  Hit snooze button and go back to sleep.

6:40 – Hit snooze button and go back to sleep

6:50 – Jump out of bed in a panic. Turn on computer to see if editor or agent has called with million dollar offer overnight.

6:51 – Decide editor or agent will email tomorrow morning and check to see if high school kids out of bed yet.

7:00 – Construct contents of first two lunch boxes for the day.

7:25 – Wave goodbye to two eldest. Resume vigil in front of computer in case editor/agent comes good today after all.

7:30 – Rouse two youngest.

7:45 – Rouse two youngest again (who do they take after?) Construct contents of two more lunch boxes. Locate school skirt, socks and sundry items that were apparently “right there” yesterday. Breakfast.

8:45 – Walk youngest to school and take dog for walk.

9:45 – Check emails to see if editor/agent working extra late because of million dollar offer.

10:00 – First (and hopefully last ) load of washing on. Think about opening latest ms file but decide to check a dozen websites first to warm up muse.

11:00 – Hang out washing. Sulk because no million dollar offers and if something doesn’t happen soon, I’ll actually have to sit down and write something.

11:15 – Open file. Frown. Decide maybe I should wash all the towels after all.

11:30 – Make cup of tea.  Survey contents of pantry despite knowing contents and their barcodes intimately.

12:00 – Is that the time? Force myself to sit in chair. This time I open my eyes. Grit teeth and fix up what I did yesterday. If I’m lucky, add something new.

3:20 – Muse kicks in. We’re off!

3:30 – primary school kids home. Muse stamps off in disgust.

4:00 – high school kids home. Hear about scrapes, tests, transgressions and what happened on the bus. After school activities.

7:00 – Dinner

8:00 – resume place at computer. Delete last page because have better idea.

8:01 – Get asked to help with homework.

9:00 – resume place at computer. Great idea forgotten.

10:00 – too tired to write. Hit the sack. Promise to do better tomorrow…

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