Yes you read correctly this is a day late and after I’m done writing I think there is a flogging planned with my name on it. Party to follow after.  woopsy sorry everyone!

So with all this talk on our economy and the “not recession” that we are in, I thought I’d ask fellow readers their thoughts. So what extras have you had to cut back on?  Due to our situation have you cut back your book buying any?? Me? Umm… if anything I think I have bought more books. Seriously. Yes, I know that might not be the wisest financial choice but hey who needs eight months in savings when you have a huge book collection LOL.

 So I have been doing my good deed every Tuesday by posting (my sweet treat) New releases, If you haven’t checked it out you really should! Now it’s your turn! This is the link to the survey we have going on right now. It will only take a second to do, Oh and by the way you can also win FREE BOOKS by doing it! And there is nothing better then FREE books   FREE is the key word here!!!!! 

Click here

Happy Reading!

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