*yawn* *blink, blink*

Good morning, everyone. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Sassi, a female Jack Russell Terrier, and I own one of the Changeling Authors, Anne Kane. I found her at the local animal shelter a few years ago, and while we had a few issues at first, her training is coming along nicely. As you can see, I love water so I had her buy me a kayak so that we can go out on the lakes. She insists I wear that little life jacket so she can grab me and put me back in the kayak when she wants to. I’d object, but I think I look cute in it.

Up until now, I’ve only talked to the readers of the Changeling ezine. I write a monthly column for that so people know what the author is up to.  I think since it’s a new year, it’s about time more people realize how important I am. Her muse wouldn’t even show up some days if I didn’t let it play fetch with my tennis ball. And let me tell you, not everyone gets to play with my ball. I’m a very fussy when it comes to my toys.

Living with an author has its challenges. For one thing, she keeps asking my opinions on her plot lines. Like I’d care whether those space pirates came from behind an asteroid or just popped into existence from another dimension. While she’s a good author, she seems to have trouble making those kinds of decisions without first discussing them with me. So I had to tell her, like, of course they were hiding in the asteroid field. If they were in another dimension, they would have just attacked someone over there. Pirates are lazy, otherwise they’d go get a job and then they wouldn’t be pirates, would they?

I sure hope you people all go over and check out her website. The more books you buy, the more tennis balls she can get for me!

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