Hellooooo, Coffee Time Romance and More blog readers! I’m tickled to be with you today, and I hope you’ll explore the amazing Coffee Time Romance and More website!

I’m Nancy Haddock and I write light paranormal mystery-romance. The heroine is a part day-walking, surfing, ghost tour guide vampire named Francesca “Cesca” Marinelli.

The thing is, I never intended to write a vampire book. Not because I have a thing against vampires. Nope, I love ‘em. Werecreatures, dragons, ghosts, faeries, elves. You name the “species,” I read the books. But that was the whole point. So many marvelous authors were already writing books to feed my vampire cravings, I didn’t feel the pull to write them myself. In fact, I was working on a cozy mystery series when the vampire bug bit.

Enter a certain Jif peanut butter commercial, a misheard line, and everything changed. Try as I might, I could no longer focus on my mystery when I sat at the keyboard. A new character stood squarely front and center in my imagination demanding my attention. Finally, I bowed to the inevitable and, after months of mulling, character developing, and world building, I sat at the keyboard ready to type the first words of the new novel. Exciting, yes. Easy? No so much. However, after numerous revisions, more research hours, and mega time at the computer, and the first full draft of LA VIDA VAMPIRE rolled off my printer.

I love reading fun secondary characters, but I’d never had quite such a blast creating my own as I’ve had writing my “oldest city” vampire books. Shalimar Millie shone for me in the first book, and Jo-Jo the Jester quickly took on an afterlife of his own in LAST VAMPIRE STANDING. In my newest release, ALWAYS THE VAMPIRE, the senior citizen vampires became fast fictional friends. Then there’s Pandora, the feline that shape shifts between the forms of a Florida panther and a large house cat.

The biggest surprise secondary character, though, became the city of St. Augustine itself. Yes, I love this town, and feature it in other stories, but I get to show so much more of the history, the sites, and even the ghosts through Cesca’s eyes. Some of her favorite places (and mine, too!) are the City Gates, St. George Street, the bay front, and the newly refurbished Bridge of Lions. Then there’s the Plaza, the Castillo de San Marcos, Lightner Museum, Flagler College, the lighthouse, and of course, the beaches!

So tell me, who are your favorite characters – primary or secondary? Don’t have a favorite character, but want to ask a question instead? Ask away! There’s a copy of ALWAYS THE VAMPIRE up for grabs for one of my commenters!

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