Like many of the other authors and readers on Coffee Time, I have a love of reading.  As a librarian and teacher at a middle school, my fear is that we are producing a generation of nonreaders.  There are still some students who visit the library frequently, always searching out their favorite author.  They keep me on my toes as I try to keep up with the “author du jour.”   

I’ve read in some of the RWA articles that book sales are declining in almost all genres.  That breaks my heart.   I know many people are going to ebooks, and even Aidan’s Chance is an ebook.   But I have always loved the feel of the book in my hands and the thrill of turning the page to the next adventure the author has written.  Perhaps I’m a bit old-fashioned.  

What do some of you other readers / authors believe?   Is the next generation audio/video dependent?


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