Coffee Time’s newest author, Kimber Chin loves the business of romance, or is she romanticizing the business of love? Either way, she’s cashing in on her years of experience to bring readers stories that combines big business and big romance. Think the two can’t coincide? Think again.  While some say not to mix business and pleasure; Kimber Chin does so with delightful results in her novel, Breach of Trust.These days, people spend more time at the office than they do at home, and sometimes this means the people they work with are the people they know best. Dating a coworker may be the most convenient, and sometimes, safest option especially for a woman in a larger city. On the other end of the safety dance, interoffice romances are frowned upon by many companies which gives them that deliciously dangerous feel.

Many couples hold off as the sparks fly, the pressure mounts and the tension rises, but sooner or later they succumb to that forbidden office romance that might not last longer than the toner in the mailroom copier machine. Do I need to mention what they’ve been copying on the copier? I didn’t think so.

There’s also the fact that your typical Mr. Big Business didn’t get to top by luck or chance, he’s got a brain, and usually a modicum of charm and talent. He’s also dedicated. The supreme fantasy is that the heroine (I do mean you, little Ms. Blue Collar.) can help him learn that there’s more to life than work, along with a few new positions on top of his big mahogany desk. All that money, all that power, all those men in those sexy designer suits.

This is just my take, though.  I know that Kimber has much more to say about it, since she’s published one novel and has a few more on the way that combine the two subjects.  I also know she loves food and traveling, and we’ll be touching on those as well. However, one thing I hope she’ll enlighten us about is, how a woman with a head for business found herself writing about affairs of the heart.

Welcome to Coffee Time, Kimber!  We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us!

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