Speaking of hot, which is a great way to seque into my questions for the night…

You started writing romances because someone thought men couldn’t write them.  Let me say you’ve more than lived up to the challenge!  But, I’d like to ask, is it easier for you–a man-to write in the hero or the heroine’s POV?  Or does it matter? Why or why not?

I’ve stated before that the reason I stopped reading hard (heh heh) SF and Fantasy was that the relationships in them left me frustrated.(yes,I mean PO’D) You seemed to agree, saying that they didn’t aim at a satisfactory end.  While I don’t need HEA,  I’d like for some sort of resolution that doesn’t include spacing or phazing the hero’s girlfriend because she ultimately betrays him to the ‘forces of evil’.  

Do you try to have at least a satisfactory ending/resolution– if a series–or a HEA–in a stand alone– in each of your stories?

What comes to your first, the plot or the characters?

Do you have a favorite book or series of yours? 

Agent Double D makes me laugh so hard I hurt because I always find myself thinking the same sort of what ifs about werewolves, mermen and vampires, etc.  However, if you could be one of these supernatural/paranormal creatures, which would it be? Why?

Good luck to everyone who enters the Name Game contest!

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