Kate Hofman has lived an interesting life. She was born in the Netherlands, then lived in London, England. Later she moved to Canada and married a fabulous man. There she owned and operated a wine gallery for twelve years. Widowed ten years ago, Kate managed to write two dozen books in the next five years. She has some great authors, and friends, who gave her great inspiration, and expertise, to create stories that always satisfy. Kate has a style of writing that captivates and leaves the reader spellbound. I am always mesmerized by her stories.

Once again Kate Hofman pens a stirring story that grips the heart. There are some intense scenes, especially with Lily and Lucia that really bite and sting. I have to admit Lucia is certainly one mother-in-law I am glad I do not have to contend with. Benedict is very compassionate and caring, and his love for Lily is indeed genuine. I found Lily humble, demure and sweet, yet strong enough to stand up to Lucia. A Hidden Agenda has all the ingredients to make this extraordinary story one that kept this reader glued. Wonderfully mastered, along with bold and artistic characters, and a vindictive mother that this reader will not forget, this story is awesome.

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