I told you a bit ago about some of our current releases, but I thought I’d tell you a bit about Aspen Mountain Press as well.

Aspen Mountain Press (AMP) sells electronic books for download.  We are a royalty paying company and pay those royalties monthly.  We sell books in a variety of genres, but our most popular seem to be GBLT and erotic romances.  Currently we are looking for stories with a minimum word count of 20,000.  Our complete submissions guidelines can be found by clicking the submissions button at the bottome of our home page at www.AspenMountainPress.com .

One of the things that makes AMP unique is that we do not require authors to write to any particular heat level or to a specific genre.  Some of our stories do not have the traditional happy-ever-after ending.  We’re okay with that as long as the ending makes sense.  Some of these stories are tragic; the main character shows no personal growth and reaps the rewards of his/her failure to change; all of them reach a “satisfying” conclusion.

Currently, we release two-three titles a week that live up to at least one element of our tag line of Adventure, Mystery, Passion.

Aspen Mountain Press celebrated its second anniversary in July 2008.  We held a drawing for a Zingerman’s Deli picnic lunch.  Our winner was in Presque Isle, Maine, a long way from Colorado and Ann Arbor, Michigan where Zingerman’s is located.

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