I am an erotic romance author specializing in paranormal romances with intensely emotional themes and scorching sex :)  My stories run the gamut from pure erotica and BDSM to BDSM romances involvings vampires, wolves, the fae and recently I’ve become addicted to Pumas! 

My recently completed WIP is called Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker (Dub Mix) and tops out at about 92k in length (that’s 370 pages, give or take a few!)

Hired by the Unseelie government to court an ally, Millie makes her way to Mortal Earth to strike alliance between the Unseelie court and The Protectors, before the Seelie court finally ends the battle between the two kingdoms. 


As royalty of his pack, Prince Faolan is responsible for bringing into the world an heir to train and teach the new breed of wolves how to protect mankind.  After being dragged out one night by his assistant, he spots Millie, the ever so sexy faery and decides one night with her is a must until she reveals a desire for a different type of fun.


An unknown enemy stalks them both, turning one night into a dangerous hell as truths are revealed, tables are turned and nothing is safe anymore. 

The story came about when I wanted to write a fae/wolf shifter story with a lot more BDSM elements in it that didn’t bore me but centered on an unusual romance and would be brutal.  The attempt at making romance more like the metal I listen to, with hotter sex scenes and a storyline that captures the readers attention was just another idea I had floating in the back of my head after having deat with publisher troubles and spending a lot of time talking to Cyn and Nik.  I can’t post much here since this blog is PG, but perhaps I’ll have an excerpt later for the blog 🙂

Oh, the title is based on the song “Stalker (club mix) by an ebm/darkwave (think Depeche Mode like) group called Covenant.  I’d like to aim this novel at Aphrodisia but the heavy BDSM elements may keep me from it…

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