Music sets the mood for movies, so why not for books too? I’m always listening to it when I read anyway, it might be fun if an author suggested listening music at the beginning of the book, just to set the right tone. Of course, it could get a little sticky when it came to the love scenes. *grins*

Visualization is key for me too, when I’m reading. I like to ‘see’ the action, the heroine/hero and the surrounding countryside, office, etc. However, I’m not someone who really cares about brand names, and sometimes, authors go overboard on that sort of thing and lose my interest. I’d rather they spent time describing the main hunk and less on a twelve hundred dollar dress that I’ll never buy even if I had that kind of cash to spend or the bony body to put it on.

Speaking of hunks, Phillipe is a big time hunk if he looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ve always thought he had the most beautiful eyes, and of course he’s a wondeful actor. Love that picture of him on your blog! Of course, once I got there, I was sucked into Ted and Nancy’s story and almost forgot to blog. Everyone should check that out.

It’s always wonderful to find new authors, but it’s great how you’re using your day job skills as a launching point for your fiction writing. I know some put their experiences in their books, but not many do it to such an extent. I’m looking forward to your next book, and though the business of love probably keeps you running I hope you’ll come back and talk with us again soon. If you have anything else to share like what’s up next, excerpts you want to share, contests you have going on, chats, etc, please tell us all about them!

I’ve had so much fun blogging with you these past few days, I always enjoy getting a peek inside authors’ heads. It was hilarious how you separated your pajamas into sleep and business categories. As a fellow pajama princess myself, I totally agree about them and the Nutella too of course!

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