Sorry to be late getting back with you. Today was my day to become a natural blonde again!

Somehow, Bonnie, I gave you a wrong impression that needs to be corrected ASAP. Studs is not, not, my husband. I was married twice and prefer my freedom. We live together and believe we’ll be together for the rest of our lives, but there is no such thing as walking down the aisle for this old smut writer.

That said, you’ll be happy to know Studs has four brothers, all tall, all cute, and all but one are single. This almost sounds like the start of a new series. Ya think?

Since you’ve asked about the future I’ll be happy to share some info. Triskelion has in their hands a synopsis for an 85,000 word erotic suspense novel that takes place in a small town in Illinois. I’m waiting for their decision on it. Should they approve the book it will be released late fall 2007.

Winter of 2007 will bring out the first of an erotic suspense two book series about sisters who are amateur sleuths. The first book is set in Salzburg, Austria and the second is in France. Thank you, Julia, I hadn’t figured the location until you suggested Frenchmen. The second book should release in the early spring of 2008.

Following all of the above is an erotic suspense series of three friends, one of which plays in the London Philharmonic. I’m still mapping out the other two careers so I can’t add more on the content. These books will be up for sale beginning summer of 2008.

After all of that I’m planning on finding the world’s longest straw to fit into the biggest bottle of vodka money will buy! My future is pretty well mapped out at the moment and I’ll either be one busy writer or an alcoholic in the very near future. LOL.

Have a great evening and dream of all those yummy things you like to lick, er – eat. Is that worse? I hope so!


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