A few Other Books by Lee to see

Killdeere Way

by Lee Aaron Wilson
Billy Killdeere Tyler Killdeere, the last Killdeere not dead or in prison, is wounded and on the run when he sees a prisoner delivery going down in the streets of a small town. He’s busily reminding himself he must not attract attention, and besides it ain’t none of his business, when a pretty widow, Kate Courtland, runs out to shield her wounded Uncle Tom, the marshal. A gunman points his rifle directly at her.Kildeeres, mean and deadly as they are, respect women. When the dust settles, the gunman is dead. Ty lowers his guns and Kate, who knows he is an outlaw on the run, thanks him.

A judge who doesn’t know Ty appoints him acting marshal until Tom Courtland is on his feet. The Bigbees (only some of the town’s nemeses) aren’t about to let the marshal hang the big man’s son. Ty might die here on the streets from Bigbee’s guns or with a rope around his neck, if hey tumble to who he is, but he’s taken the job and he’ll play out the hand or die trying. There is no way he can leave until he’s sure Kate is safe.


Send An Angel

by Lee Baldwin
Send An Angel Juliana, once a singing star, faces two demons: alcohol and her mother’s over critical voice. Steve Major is raising his three children by himself. He directs musical reviews for a dinner club, but nothing works right since his wife, Susan’s, death nearly two years ago. He’s afraid to love again.On Christmas Eve, Juliana’s daughter and Steve’s younger two children ask for an angel. The angel, Alexandre/Alexandra, pushes Juliana down into an icy slushed-filled gutter to get them together. After he saves her, Steve discovers a vulnerable woman who is more than the street person he thought. She discovers a man who knows how to love and be supportive of a woman. With behind the scenes guidance and encouragement from the angel, Juliana tackles her sobriety. Before she can manage that she must learn to shut off her mother’s voice and listen to another. First it’s Steve’s voice, then Juliana learns to trust her own voice.

A romantic theme carries through ANGEL, but Juliana’s growth, as she learns to address her real problems and Steve’s learning to love again, make this story warm, moving and inspirational.

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