So what’s it about, a whole lot of trouble for one woman. Sophie
Greenwood went to London to have her season hoping to find a husband. If
only they had told her that her father had lost all his money, but gossip
spreads quickly around London and already everyone knew Baron Canmore’s
scandal. Now 2 years later, will Sophie ruin another season? No one seems
to want to make staying scandal free an easy task. Almost everywhere she
turns someone is trying to make her the laughing stock. “Fleeing London”
once more seems to be her only option. What hope is there for a life of
her own?

A little excerpt
How many times had she been told in the last weeks she couldn’t go for a
walk as she had in the country? Not without a chaperone at least. Even
now, Anjanette walked alongside her just to visit three doors down.
Riding in the morning was about the only time she had alone, all else was
in accompaniment of her host and cousin. They were fine, it was all the
visiting they did that wore on her. Not being talked to, all but snubbed
while they gave her just enough attention to not label it a cut. They
dare not provoke the displeasure of Lady Sandbourne. Her censure would
not be advisable.
Anjanette’s cry was the only warning Sophie had before powerful arms
closed around her throat. Sophie could do nothing as she watched
Anjanette hitting the ground hard. A nasty voice filled her ears. “Tell me
where to find Greyfriars and you’ll stay alive.”
The smell of the man was bad enough, something good came from being choked
so she couldn’t breathe. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Don’t lie to me, I’ve seen you wearing your finery. Tell me where to
find him.” His hands tightened. “I’ve seen the letter. Tell me where he
Just as she was about to run out of air, Anjanette finally found her
tongue and started yelling. Sophie sank to the ground when she could
suddenly breathe while the sound of heavy uneven footsteps ran quickly
away. Strong hands helped her up as Lady Sandbourne and Mariah came at
haste, along with most of the other residents of the street. Their
manservants at any rate.
“Get away from her, you blackguard,” Roberts, Lady Sandbourne’s butler,
Sophie’s voice strained, the words unable to form.
Anjanette spoke instead. “He’s the one that saved her.”
Turning to look at her savior, it was no wonder Roberts was skeptical.
The man’s strong jaw was covered in stubble, tanned as few gentlemen are
in England making his piercing blue eyes stand out all the more. Sun had
bleached his dark hair and she could smell the sea on him. Somehow, she
couldn’t pull her eyes away from his.
“Thank you.” Sophie was finally able to whisper.
“You’re sure he isn’t the one?” Lady Sandbourne pressed.
Sophie shook her head forcing the words to come. “The man that attacked
me stank. I’m sure you can smell it even now on my clothes. It was not
the sea I smelled.”
Her rescuer smiled faintly. “Are you quite well? Nothing was stolen?”
A neighbor’s servant sniffed disdainfully. “Not from her, nothing to
take.” The group broke up without orders, she was certain, so they could
go report to their ladies how she made a spectacle of herself by being
Lady Sandbourne slipped in at her side fretting and clucking like a hen as
Mariah helped Anjanette. “I can’t believe you were attacked outside my
own home. Mayfair is supposed to be above that sort of thing.” She was
escorted away from her mystery rescuer before she could find out his name
to thank him properly.
“Did you see the one that saved her? He looked as disreputable as the man
that attacked her must have,” Mariah announced once the door was closed.
Sophie saved her throat though Mariah’s disdain was unfounded. Sophie
would stake the last of her reputation on that fact. A long sea voyage
perhaps and he had just docked by the smell he carried. Not yet had time
to shave.
“Fearful handsome, though.” Lady Sandbourne commented leaving Mariah to
be scandalized, never expecting such a thing from her aunt.
All Sophie could think of in order to forget almost being strangled was
the look in the man’s eyes. Even after it was mentioned she had nothing,
those eyes kept smiling at her.
There’s a whole lot more for Sophie to deal with too. From mystery to
scandal and not to mention the man with smiling eyes who would surely
never be interested in a poor scandal ridden girl. There are surprises
everywhere for Sophie during her ruined season.

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