…and the rancher’s daughter. My latest book published with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid has received rave reviews! Below are just a few it’s received.

Whipped Cream Reviews gives “THE COWBOY WAY” their Best Book rating!
“I bow down in awe at Ms Richards’s ability to craft, spin and captivate with the written word. This was without a doubt one of the best books I have read in a LONG time!”

“There is no doubt that I will be searching out much more of Ms Richards work to read and no doubt enjoy as much as I did this story. It is such a treat to find an author who can make you feel so strongly toward the story they have written. Ms Richards… you are my hero!”cowboywaycover3

The Romance Studio says… “Ms. Tory Richards has written a fabulously sensual, exciting book. The tension throughout the book was twofold. There was, of course, the sexual conflict between Chase and Lacey. These two characters were so well written and so aware of each other that it was incredible that the words didn’t burn the pages. The sexual activity was well written and sizzling. The sensual atmosphere was a page-turning experience. The other individuals involved in this story were dynamic and enhanced the book.”

“This was a great book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes vibrant characters with beautiful scenery and intense action. This is one author I would love to read again.” – 5 Hearts, Brenda Talley

Blue Ribbon Rating Five from Romance Junkies!
THE COWBOY WAY was excellent! Chase is the ultimate alpha, reluctant to express his feelings, controlling at times, but all in the best interests of Lacey. Lacey is an excellent match for him. She is independent enough that he can’t walk all over her, without making the mistake of being stupid about it. All in all, THE COWBOY WAYwas an entertaining romp in the hay, complete with chaps, skinny-dipping, al fresco nookie, and all the things that are guaranteed to make you wish for a glass of ice water. Excellent job!”

For more information visit the following sites: Tory Richards, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

For a chance to win a signed copy send me an email with the answer to the following question and you’ll be entered into a drawing. Email addy: tory.richards@yahoo.com Answer can be found in the excerpt on my website.

What is the name of Lacey’s horse?

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