Since an early age Marie has been doing both reading and writing. She wrote her own version of Camelot to go along with the music she heard from listening with her grandmother. As she grew thru her teen years she began writing short stories and teen angst poetry; but never thought of writing seriously until later on and now a few books and receiving a few awards for her writing the rest is history. Marie lives in Connecticut with her husband Brad, and a son who is still attending high school. When Marie is not writing she is volunteering for her church, quilting, or simply watching movies or hanging out on the front porch with her friends and spending time with her family.

What a wonderful story of strength, character and friendship. Ms. Bostwick has written a story so touching that it pulls at your heartstrings and doesn’t let up till you finish these women’s stories. She takes you on a journey with them and allows the reader to feel the same emotions as these women do. With the obstacles each must face, you cannot help but wish for a happy ending in these women’s lives. If you need a wonderful book to touch you and maybe even change your future path, I highly recommend adding A Single Thread to your book collection.

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