Part Seventeen of Eighteen – Our heroes’ interlude draws to a close…

Belles Gentlemen

“Stanton is right about one thing,” Wyndale said. “The snow has stopped falling and the moon is bright. I can get home… er, I mean, to Miss Berkeley’s- to the Welles’ house now. Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure meeting you all.”

The others exchange smiles as he leaves. “Another wedding, unless I miss my guess,” Beacham says, his voice wistful.

“I will be on my way, too, gentlemen.” Chadbourn shrugs into his coat. The discussion has crystallized the idea that was born the day he met Cath… Miss Wheatly standing a monument to calm in the middle of barnyard chaos, as her brothers chased escaping animals all around her. He is courting Miss Wheatly. Well who would have thought it?

Redepenning is after him out the door. He has a long ride ahead of him if he is to catch up with Miss Pritchard, who is travelling to Oxford to stay with her aunt. Rick cannot shake off the idea that Miss Pritchard is in some kind of danger. At least this time she is in a hired post chaise, and has a maid with her, but still… He is uneasy. And if she needs rescuing again, he wants to be there.

“Another glass, Arlington?” Herrendon asks, picking up the decanter.

“Not for me,” Arlington says. “I had better be on my way, Herrendon. I have some miles to go to my estate, and a wedding to plan when I get there.”

“Better you than me,” Herrendon says. “I will have to consider marriage one day, I suppose. But not for many years yet, I hope!”

“Don’t leave it too long,” Arlington advises. “Your Charlotte won’t wait.”

Herrendon shook his head. “Miss Amberly is not mine, and I wish her well on her husband hunt.”

He ignores the knowing grin Arlington casts his way, and takes his seat again by the fire as the door closes behind the earl, leaving Herrendon the last of the company. As he sits there, sipping his drink, he sees Charlotte Amberly’s striking eyes in the flames, and her delicious curves are the last thing he thinks of as he falls asleep, the empty glass rolling disregarded from his hand.




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