Part Eighteen of Eighteen – Our heroines’ interlude draws to a close…

Belles Ladies

Conversation subsided for some moments. Catherine looked at the women around her. Hours ago she knew none of these ladies, and yet they had all shared some of their deepest secrets. Only Catherine had held back, positive they would look down on her. Now she felt ashamed of herself for judging them.

“You were right,” she murmured

“About what, Catherine?” Eliza asked.

“Hopes and dreams, love and marriage—those are much better topics for a snowy evening.”

“I don’t know. An advantageous marriage is a useful task, is it not?” Charlotte asked with a sly smile.

“But love is what overcomes barriers, at least I hope it is.” Catherine blushed and looked meaningfully at Margaret and Tessa. “Even ones of class and, well, birth.”

“Tell, tell!” Charlotte exclaimed. “Spill your budget Catherine.”

And so she did as the snow continued to fall and the ladies opened their hearts to one another far into the night.



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