Hope you are all wearing your green today and watch where you put those pinches! Have fun today and be safe- Here is what will be releasing this week





Wild Rose Press

  • Chasin’ Mason – Stacey Joy Netzel – Yellow Rose
  • Lasting Love – Sharon Donovan – White Rosette
  • Seventh Heaven – Cate Masters – Vintage Rosette


Cerridwen Press

  • From Dreams to Reality            Barbara Goodwin & Douglas Penikas   Contemporary / YA     
  • Pitch Dark        Brooke London            Romantic Suspense      



Ellora’s Cave

  • Almost Perfection         Lynn LaFleur    Contemporary romance           
  • Ageless Desires            Tessie Bradford            Contemporary romance           
  • Between Two Tiron      Rebecca Airies Futuristic romance       
  • Rowdy Amarinda Jones            Paranormal romance






Wild Rose Press

  • Finding Ella – Katherine Fitzpatrick – Scarlet Miniature Rose
  • Riches – Michele Galindez – Crimson Rose
  • River of Dreams – Vanessa Harvey – Last Rose Of Summer Rose
  • Taps To The Soul – Kimberlee R. Mendoza – White Rosette
  • The Bride Wore Blue  – Cillian Burns – Champagne Rose



Ellora’s Cave

  • Flavors of Ecstasy I      Debra Glass, Solange Ayre, Desiree Holt, Talya Bosco, Kristin Daniels, Cindy Spencer Pape    Anthology, multi-genre 
  • Dragon Mate    Jory Strong       Paranormal romance    
  • Witching Well   Ann Cory         Paranormal romance    
  • Ecstasy Bound  Ruth D. Kerce  Futuristic romance       
  • Tied Between Two Lovers        Alyssa Brooks & Larissa Lyons            Contemporary romance           




  • The Werewolf Whisperer print by Ericka Scott 
  • Unleashed by Ericka Scott  
  • 2050 by Mychel Black/Shayne Carmichael 
  • Crossroads by Keta Diablo 
  • Taming the Wolf by Michelle Houston  
  • Lost by Zoe Nichols  


Total eBound

  • One Enchanted Night          Maggie Nash
  • High Street: Peep Show       Saskia Walker 
  • Love, Jamie     Christy Lockhart
  • Switching Seth                     AKM Miles

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