By her own admission, Hanna Martine’s first novel was a “Fantasy Island/Toddler’s & Tiaras mash up” with a leading character named Stevie Nicks. Those first attempts at writing were pounded out on her mother’s typewriter and Hanna has been hooked ever since. As an adult she has a taste for fine wine and cooking to go along with a love of romance. She even got to have her wedding in a haunted Scottish castle like every heroine dreams of.

[A Taste of Ice] is a book that makes you skim ahead because you are dying to find out what happens, only to turn back and savor the journey again and again. The characters are deep, with multifaceted loyalties, pasts, and personalities that drag a reader into the story. I highly suggest picking up Liquid Lies to better understand the complex paranormal world Ms. Martine has created. However, no matter the order you read them, these books totally rock and I cannot wait for the next one!

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