I’m back again, with an excerpt from my debut romantic suspense novel, Thirty-Nine Again. As I mentioned yesterday, Thirty-Nine Again combines mystery, suspense, romance — and a little bit of humor.

When breast cancer survivor Sabrina O’Hara goes on the run from some Mexican Mob figures who want her dead, she’s intercepted by the darkly handsome Evan Garcia. He and his friend Ben whisk her away on a dangerous high-speed chase.

Evan was Sabrina’s personal trainer at the gym, but now she discovers that he and his friend Ben are awfully handy with the automatic weapons. Is Evan from some competing South American gang? And what does he want from her? And is there any chance they’ll stop the car long enough to let her use the bathroom???

“So Evan—or whatever his name is—he’s not some Colombian drug lord’s hit man?”

“Geez, don’t ever, ever say anything like that to him again, lady.” Ben whistled. “You are so lucky he didn’t throw you out of the car and leave you to those guys after a remark like that.”

I grunted. It seemed to be a safe, all-purpose answer.

“He must like you an awful lot.” Ben shook his head as he turned onto Light Street.

I could feel my face coloring again. I still needed to pee, and I had my legs squeezed together tight. I told myself the effort of holding it in was making me turn red.

“Can you at least tell me who you people are?” I pressed my clammy hands to my burning cheeks, trying to cool them down and distract myself.

“No, I can’t,” Ben answered, licking his lips.

“Why the heck not?” I lowered my hands again.

“Because, first, Evan and Tyrese are in charge, so they should be the ones to talk to you,” he answered. “And second, there’s a black Ford Explorer following us. It’s coming on fast, too. I need to focus on that right now.”

“Oh, brother,” I groaned.

It was going to be a long night. And that was only if I got lucky and didn’t die with wet panties sometime in the next few minutes. . .

Hope you enjoyed that excerpt! I’ll be checking in for to answer questions or respond to comments for the next couple of days. Looking forward to chatting with all of you.

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