I’m a coffee snob. I admit it freely. I drink my Starbucks Sumatra, done quite strong in a French Press pot, every day of the week. I have a little espresso machine. I have a scoop and a grinder and a steamer. When the weather is rainy there is nothing I like better than curling up in the recliner with a cup of my Sumatra, strong and sweet with a bit of Crème Brulee creamer, and a good book.

Times have changed though. My good book may not be a paperback any more. It might be on my netbook in pdf format. Certainly, until this month, the books I wrote were for the e-pub market. But this… thing… happened. The thing is Tales of the Darkworld Volume One and it’s *gasp* a print book!

 Tales of the Darkworld Volume One is the first two Tales books, Shifting Winds and Hot Water, in paperback. It only just this week came out and I can’t wait to feel one in my hot little hands.

 My Tales series is very near and dear to my heart. Shifting Winds was my first contract ever. Funny to think that was less than a year ago. I had already started Hot Water when Pink Petal Books contracted SW. You couldn’t believe how happy I was to find this series a home!

 Both SW and HW were very well received, but I had major plans for book 3. First, it was gonna be M/M. Second, it would be a prequel. Third, it would be a lot longer, nearly 60K in fact. Fire Season released last month and has been a huge success. As of yesterday, its number 4 on All Romance eBook’s main top ten list. I’m stunned at its popularity and all the 5 star reviews it’s garnered. Actually, reviewers seem to love this book. The lowest score it’s received is a 4.

 To give my other works their due, none of them have gotten less than a 4 either, but some of them have not received a 5. Fire Season seems meteoric to me. It amazes me that people love it so much. It’s done so well that in October, it will be out in print too. I could talk all day about these books. Look how many words I’ve whipped out already! *wink*

So, here’s my deal. I’ll be hanging around all day. If you have questions about the Darkworld, the Tales books, the print books, the ebooks, the entire series (there is info on my website on the WIPs page), the characters, or even my other works, ask me a question in comments! My kid – or Louie my faithful pudgy cat who hangs with me when I write – will pick a winnah later. The winner will get a copy of Fire Season in e-book format. If the winner already has Fire Season, he/she can choose from my backlist.

 You can also ask me about computers (I’m an IT geek), the cemetery (I work at one!), my kid and her Twilight spoof, my blog Sunlight Sucks, my sex life, TVC, my publishers, my coffee addiction, my crush on author Patric Michael, or even the Fire Season magnets I seem to mailing all over the world.

 C’mon! You know you wanna ask me something TMI! Just dooooo eeeeeeet!   

Lex Valentine

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