Before I go on, here is a link to my page at JMS.

As you can see when you visit, most of my books here are gay romances. I’ll talk a little bit more about some of them soon and also cover a couple of mostly straight stories that had m/m spin-offs. I know most avid m/m readers really stick pretty close to their fave topic and even often to a specific sub-genre like motorcycles, vampires or shifters. I have to ‘do it my way’ which means I am always out of the box and tend to be all over the map when it comes to sub-genres, everything from historical to nostalgia to contemporary to sci-fi!

My characters come from every possible walk of life, career and race or ethnic group! I grew up in the southwest so that environment is a big feature in many of my stories also. Diversity is part of the atmosphere here so you will find Latinx, Native American (many of my NA friends say they are perfectly happy and willing to be called “Indian” if you do not know, cannot pronounce correctly or otherwise do not choose to use their tribe.)  There are black characters also because they have always been part of this region since Estavan, called “the Moor” which was a term for black people used in that time, came here with the Spanish explorer Cabeza deVaca several centuries ago.

Now a word about prizes today. As I said earlier, a  short e-tale about the wrap up of the Rodeo Girls series to three commentors  as soon as I can get it written. Then there will be two main drawings, one for e-copies of the Rodeo Girls stories and one for the three gay tales in The Wild Bunch series.  You can certainly specify which group you want to win in your comments or just let me surprise you. I will try to have these drawings done by the end of this week.

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