Hey to all, it’s been fun chatting to all who have been reading.  The third book in the Reyes Family Romances was just published Oct. 1…I just got my first copies today!  So all of my friends/relatives who refuse to order on-line will be getting a call soon, so you can get them from me.

Love By Design asks what would happen if you met the perfect man for you, and you both knew it…then somehow something intervened, and you felt you had to break up with him?  Neither of you ever felt whole after that.  Then years later, your paths cross…could you, would you, keep your hands to yourself?  Or would you always want to know if it could still be as good as it used to be?  And if you still were perfect for each other?

Find out in Love By Design, when Rosa has her path cross with her ex-fiance, and they both try to pretend they don’t feel like they used to.

And all of the characters that you have come to know and love: Tegan, Alexander, Patti and J.T., Juanita and Edgar, all weave through the book.  This is a series, so we continue to see how love can grow and stay strong, no matter what life throws at you.

Hope you all will keep on reading.  Go visit my website and give me a holler!  Enter the contest…but keep on reading.   ;-D

Love to all,


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