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January 2019 Topic: Fact in Fiction

CTR Asked:

How much of your real life bleeds over into your books? And do you worry that someone will be able to tell the fact from the fiction?

Authors Who Dished:

~ Day One ~
Megan Slayer
Gwynn Morgan
Helen B. Henderson
Marie Tuhart
Rebecca Heflin
Deirdre O’Dare
Franny Armstrong
Harley Wylde
Ashlyn Chase
Rebecca E. Neely
Ute Carbone
Cynthia Sax

~ Day Two ~
Cecily Wolfe
Afton Locke
Mariposa Cruz
Elizabeth Coldwell
Kathy Otten
Meka James
Viviana MacKade
Cathy Skendrovich
Laura M. Baird
Catherine Castle

January’s topic provided by Dulce Dennison

Fae Bound by Dulce Dennison cover

Fae Bound

[ Gay Fantasy Romance, MM, Shifters & Elves ]

Captured by the Dark Fae Dirian and kept in a spelled cage, wolf shifter Navarro wonders if he’ll ever see freedom again. Being imprisoned takes an interesting turn when his mate steps through the door at Dirian’s side, his torso and back scarred from years of abuse. Navarro wants nothing more than to save the both of them, but he doesn’t know how.

When the Wood Elf Tabor first touches the red wolf in the cage, he knows the two of them share a special connection. Dirian gives Navarro to him as a pet, but the shifter is so much more. For the first time in three hundred years, Tabor wants to bind someone to him with Fae magick, a commitment not taken lightly by his kind.

The two make the best of their captivity, but when an opportunity to escape presents itself, Navarro knows they must take it — and in doing so, free everyone Dirian has enslaved.

Available in Ebook


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