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Here is one more excerpt from my December release Sheriff in her Stocking from Loose Id.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Sheriff in her Stocking

When beautiful, plus-sized Anglo Delaney Moore finds herself stranded in a snowstorm at Christmas time in the small town of Avery, Montana, she meets the town’s sexy, hot-blooded Hispanic sheriff. Since she’s only staying til the storm clears, she sees no harm in indulging a little sexy fun.

Rick Mateo Cruz grew up on the poor side of the tracks, but he’s made good as the sheriff of a small town. He loves his culture, his family, and a woman who isn’t afraid to give up control. Delaney’s voluptuous figure begs for his attentions, but her whiter-than-white upbringing gives him pause.

Her willingness to submit and his desire to dominate bring them closer together than either could ever have dreamed. They’ll have to find that same synergy between their cultural differences for Delaney to get a sheriff in her stocking.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains sexual practices that may be offensive to some readers: mild bondage.


ISBN# 978-1-59632-365-0  Sheriff in Her Stocking


After a quick meal at the diner, Delaney patted her mouth with her napkin, looked at Rick. “I drove up to Billings today, picked up a few things.” Her voice was low and sexy. She stroked the tip of her finger over the back of his hand and gave him a greedy, female look. “Meet me in my jail cell in five minutes.” She kept her gaze pinned to his and licked her lips. “Don’t be late.”

He imagined her naked and moaning as he pounded into her the other night at the hot springs. He grew hard in an instant. “What happens if I’m late?”

Delaney smiled and rose from her chair. “I’ll have to punish you.”

Lust and want glided through him, settling warm and heavy in his groin. Rick watched the tantalizing sway of her hips as she left the diner. He took his time finishing his coffee and paying the check, making sure he would be late. Wondering what kind of punishment she had planned made his skin tight. He would have made her wait a bit longer but the enormous hard-on pressing against his pants needed relief ‑‑ now. He made sure his coat was zipped and covering his crotch as he left the diner. Quickly, he walked to the sheriff’s office.

As soon as he stepped inside, he removed his coat, hung it on the coat rack, and locked the door. Turning off the main lights in the office, he strolled to the doorway leading to the back of the office and Delaney’s cell. He stood quietly in the doorway watching her.

She wore nothing but a red silk thong and red spike heels on her feet. In her right hand she held a black, velvet whip. She paced from one side of the cell to the other like a lioness on the prowl, her bare ass and hips rocking seductively. As she paced, she slapped the soft whip against the cell floor. Her hair lay in a silken drape about her shoulders, her breasts were full and round, the nipples erect as if he’d had his mouth on them. If he shoved inside her at this very moment, would she be wet and ready to take him? The thought of her pussy creaming for him made his erection slide toward pain.

Candlelight glowed from several fat candles sitting on a small table that normally sat in the bathroom. Soft light filled the cell and danced over Delaney’s body illuminating her like a voluptuous goddess. His penis hardened more and his blood beat in a wild, ancient rhythm, the rhythm of a man who desperately needed to mate.

Rick moved slowly toward the cell, unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his pants. At the sound of his footsteps, Delaney’s chin snapped up; she stopped and swept her gaze over him. He moved to the cell door, stepping out of his pants and underwear. His cock sprang free and the cool air wafted over it. He removed his shirt and kicked his clothes across the cell floor. They slid past Delaney’s feet.

She glanced briefly at them as they glided past. Her light pink tongue touched her upper lip before she gave his hard-on a come-and-screw-me smile. Her gaze shifted from his penis up to his eyes. “You’re late.”

He smiled slightly. “On purpose.”

She pursed her lips and a smile played around her mouth. “Oh, you’ve been a very bad boy.”

Her husky, sensuous voice sparked a surge of sexual need inside him.

“Whatever am I going to do with you?” She slapped the whip against the floor.

He stepped inside the cell and walked to her side. He stood close, close enough for his penis to nudge against the tiny silk triangle covering her pussy. “It’s not what you’re going to do with me, but what I’m going to do to you, in you, with you.”

An eager expression glinted in her eyes. “Oh, yeah, what’s that?”

He wanted to tame her, dominate her even more than he had the other night in the hot springs. He wanted her pliant legs spread, the essence of her open and ready to receive every solid, aroused inch of him. He dug his fingers under the straps barely holding the thong in place and tugged, hard. They snapped in two. The remainder of the thong floated to the floor leaving her naked and vulnerable. “Take off your shoes.”

Delaney raised a brow. “Make me.”

Her softly whispered challenge brushed over his nerve endings, urging him to shove inside her. He put his right hand over her mound, parted the labia, and ruthlessly rubbed his thumb over her clit once then stopped. With his other hand, he gave her buttocks a firm slap. Her breath caught in her throat. “Either you take off your shoes or that one little stroke over your clit is all you’re going to get until I’m good and ready to give you more.”

One corner of her mouth kicked up in a smile. She lifted her right leg, bringing her foot about level with his hip. He took off the shoe, tossed it aside. She lowered her foot and did the same with her left leg.

He threw her shoe over his shoulder. “Better, much better. Now put your arms around my neck and wrap your legs around my waist. Oh, and don’t let go of that whip.”

She did as he asked and he pushed between her thighs but didn’t enter her. He felt his cock rub over her clit, coating him with the essence of her body. He walked to the cot and laid her down. Climbing to his knees on the cot, he straddled her with his hard cock jutting between his legs. He gripped her ankles and bent her knees. Then he nudged the inside of her knees outward so that she opened for him even more. Her pussy appeared deep pink, wet and ready in the candlelight. She lay with her chest rising softly and her eyes fixed on his cock. “Lift your hands and lay them under your breasts, holding them up as if offering them to me.”

She raised her breasts to him and rubbed her thumbs over her nipples so they hardened further, the dusky pink nipples just begging for his lips and tongue. He shifted forward, placing the palms of his hands on either side of her upper arms, and looked at the delight waiting for him. “Don’t move your hands, don’t try to reach for me or touch me until I give you permission. I want to watch you fall apart; I want to see the passion and need rise in your eyes.” He stroked his thumb over her when she didn’t say anything. “Answer me.”

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