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June 2018: Publishing Path
~ Sara Jay ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Which path did you take: Trad, Indie, or Hybrid? And what led you to that choice?

Sara Jay said:
Although I’ve been a technical writer, managing editor and general blogger since my teen years, I never entered the realm of fiction writing in a published sense until a remarkable indie publisher posted a writing challenge beckoning new authors into the fray. It looked fun. It took out the intimidation factor of submitting in a piece for an editor to reject. As a writer who has had her share of pieces featured in magazines, books and online collections, I’ve also experienced my share of those. As a contest entry, it felt much more inviting: if my book wasn’t a good fit for the contest, maybe it wouldn’t be such a big risk for me to take.

When I won the contest I was welcomed with such warmth that I had to laugh at my initial fear. These fellow writers weren’t the Angels of Judgement I pictured complete with monocles and snarkily-penned comments about my work; they were fellow authors who just wanted to write what they liked and share their favorite thing to do, perhaps making some income while doing so. Even the owner writes, which I didn’t expect and found inspiring.

When pitches are thrown, new series are discussed and even when people have personal issues, the authors act so much more like family than coworkers and it makes me so glad I went with an indie publisher for my first experience. They’re a fantastic group who makes things as easy as possible, especially for newcomers, and they won’t shy back from giving you good, solid advice while keeping it kind. Branching into more genres in the future is always a goal, and that can be difficult between my multiple jobs, family and life in general, but I plan to stick with my independent publisher as long as they’ll have me.


Boon Collector by Sara Jay cover

Soul Debt: The Boon Collector

[Dark Fantasy BDSM Romance]

Timid Tisha Sanderson never had much luck in love or life. When a smoking hot demon, Bane, comes to collect a debt from her ex-lover and decides to make her pay up instead, her life suddenly becomes more interesting.

Tisha finds herself on both the giving and receiving ends of torture in Hell as she attempts to escape Bane. As the lines between pleasure and pain blur, Tisha begins to connect with long-forgotten parts of herself. Her completion of the final dark deed grants her freedom.

The question is, does she still want it?

Available in Ebook:

Changeling Press


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