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June 2019: Wish You’d Known
~ S. Peters-Davis ~

CTR asked:

What is something you wish you’d known when you first started writing? (Craft or career).

S. Peters-Davis said:

The vital role of a writing partner in growing and learning the craft of writing. I found someone at a writer’s conference several years after I started writing seriously, and I genuinely wish we’d connected from the get-go.

So, what does a writing partner do?

Number One – strengthens and polishes YOUR writing.


We are both on the look-out for more writing-craft information we can sponge up and use? We brain-storm our novel plots, critique/edit, beta read each other’s chapters, and we promote each other. We’re always on the lookout for information to do with writing resources, marketing, social media networking, writing groups, book review groups, etc., we are each other’s “writer’s assistant” in essence.

I write mainstream supernatural, paranormal, suspense romance and YA, and she writes mid-grade sci-fi, adventures, and YA. We send each other our short stories, loglines, novel chapters, blog posts, and maybe even some media/newsletter articles.

We’ve been able to plan our own writer’s retreats, and usually, those are at the critical plot planning times. By the time our time together is over (usually four or five days), we both have our plot laid out (beginning, middle, and ending), and our character sketches are written up.

We enjoy attending book signing events also – sometimes each other’s, but mostly we check out authors we enjoy reading. We’ve attended several book sales events to gather information on what works best to set up a booth if we ever decide to participate in any of them.

We’ve turned into the best of friends and realize/understand the best inspirations and motivations we must prompt for each other to keep “us” writing. So many incidents interrupt the life of a writer, it’s a blessing to have someone that can ground you, and then haul you back into opening your laptop and kicking out a good word count.

I highly recommend finding someone that resonates with you (similar personality), loves writing as much as you do, and isn’t afraid to give you an honest, trust-worthy critique.


Albatross by S. Peters-Davis cover

Albatross, A Kendra Spark Novel, Bk 3

[Supernatural, paranormal, suspense romance]

Kendra Spark, Derek Knight, and “ghosty” Jenna Powers, members of an FBI special task force, investigate a cold-case and end up facing the ultimate psychopaths, a highly-accredited police director gone crime lord and a beautiful malevolent “albatross of a spirit.” Both want Kendra for her unique abilities but might settle for Jenna instead.

Derek stops at nothing to keep Kendra and Jenna safe, but what if the worst-case scenario happens? An unstoppable villain and villainess of the dark plane picks the earth plane as their stomping ground?

Available in Ebook:


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