I feel like I just climbed Everest.  I reckon I’ll start with the obvious.

My name is Ruth Sims. I write a lot of different things, but mostly historical fiction because the past a whole lot easier to deal with than the present, which keeps changing on me. Some of my writing is categorized as gay romance, and some isn’t. Some isn’t romance at all, but I’m going to put excerpts on here anyway. Why? Because I can.  (Which, by the way, is the final line of a work in progress, about a serial killer in Edwardian England who makes Jack the Ripper look like a nice kid.)

I’ve been writing forever, taking time out to raise a husband and two kids.

I just did a fun interview with the great horror writer Rick R. Reed. He said I could quote his introduction, which is delightful and funny. I’m going to navigate to his blog and copy it now, since I forgot to do it earlier.

Forgetting is my middle name.

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