So as I have said before I am the mother to three of amazing, challanging, frusterating,exillerating  children. Who are probably the funniest kids in the world IMO. After much thought and sleepless nights I decided to  returnto work full time, Yipee?! After being a stay at home mother for a few years this was a hard decision. Don’t get me wrong, I went to college I knew that I wasn’t going to stay at home forever, But what how would my kids handle it?? How would those fragile little creatures handle mommy leaving them in the hands of someone who has known them since they were in utero?

Simple “Peace out mom, See you after work”. WHAT?!? What happened to Mommy don’t leave me, I will miss you? Mommy I need you!? I had this whole mental image of me and children crying hysterically at the sitters house, Not a pretty tear- I mean snot, eyeliner, mascara everywhere uncontrollable cry. So as I am driving my confused butt to work, it hits me. They are little people now. Not just babies that need their momma. OMG talk about being proud and having a broken heart all in the same breath.

 So my question to all of you out there is this…

If you are a working mother, How was your experience with leaving your children? I have heard horror stories and this is what I prepaired myself with. woops

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